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Industrial inefficiencies, causing wastage of energy and materials, are often the result of failures to resolve time-separated conflicting requirements. For example, a drying agent particle must to strongly absorb water from something that needs to be dried, but must easily release the water when the drying agent is being regenerated. Switchable materials can solve such problems. Waste CO2 is a renewable material that can be used to reversibly trigger changes in the properties of liquids, solutes, or surfaces. This presentation will portray two different classes of switchable materials, a class of switchable solvents and a series of switchable surfaces, and discuss how their design and use can help solve practical problems (e.g.water purification, paints and coatings) while reducing environmental impact.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

200 College Street
Wallberg Building
Room 116

PHILIP JESSOP, FRSC, is the Canada Research Chair of Green Chemistry at Queen’s University in Canada and the Technical Director of GreenCentre Canada. His research interests include green solvents and the chemistry of CO2. Distinctions include the NSERC Polanyi Award (2008), a Killam Research Fellowship (2010), Canadian Green Chemistry & Engineering Award (2012), the Eni Award for New Frontiers for Hydrocarbons (2013) and Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada and the Royal Society of Chemistry. He serves as Chair of the Editorial Board for the journal Green Chemistry, has chaired two major international conferences and helped create GreenCentre Canada, a centre for the commercialization of green chemistry technologies. 

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